About Me…

Susan Langer



My name is Susan, blogging is what I do for over three years. I enjoy blogging as it gives me an outlet for my creative side. My blog, To Reach For The Light, is a Christian blog and provides unique Bible Study, prayer, Biblical Meditation and Listening to the Holy Spirit as we follow our Lord, Jesus Christ.

My other blog is Susan’s Thoughts and Musings and has content about Mental Health and Inspiration, Personal Thoughts and opinions, Poetry and Prose with my poetry and prose that I write on AllPoetry under the pen name of Susans Soul. Last, Devotional Journal with Biblical Christian topics.

I love writing creatively prose and poetry. I’ve written since I could hold a pencil and spell as a child. I can’t tell you now many short stories, prose, and poems that I have written because I have lost track. My muse sometimes has me writing every day and other times I may go a week or more without the passion for writing.

I am retired from Nursing with 30 plus years experience as an RN. I live currently in Nashville, TN with my daughter, son-in-law, and my two grandchildren. I love the mountains and hills of Tennessee and the people and muse are wonderful. 

I am also writing a memoir with a working title of Toward the Light about my childhood sexual abuse and how I healed from the trauma through counseling, the Lord, and my poetry/prose writing. Hopefully, it will be ready for publishing before the end of 2017.

A little about my  Educational Background is:
1. Graduated in-1972 Nursing Diploma from Lutheran Medical Center
School of Nursing in conjunction with Valparaiso University
2. 2010-St. Joseph’s College, Maine
Major-BA-Psychology and Nursing Management.

Why don’t you visit and read awhile and the join my Blog? You will get new Posts each time I publish one. I’d like to know more about you and how you like what I’ve chosen to write.

I hope that you enjoy my blogging and the little about me that I have shared with you. Feel free to follow me on Social Media and contact me anytime.

God Bless,