MLK and Equality

MLK and Equality

I awoke this morning realizing it was Martin Luther Kings day and felt compelled to post my gratitude for his service to all of us and bringing equality to us in view of the current headlines. But I promised that I wouldn’t insert news, politics, and opinion into my posts. Sorry for breaking my promise. Susan…

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Avoid the Shoulds and Shouldn’ts

Avoid the Shoulds and Shouldn’ts

Some words deserve avoidance. SHOULD is one of them. We’ve all been told at least a time or two, “You should do…” or or shouldn’t say…” This word common yet potent can drastically undermine you, your self-esteem, and your motivation to succeed.The word,whether used with or without n’t or not, devalues you or what you have done, said or created. Rather than using to “S” try substituting the word CAN, such as, “I can…” or “I will…” And if your a parent, try this with your children too. Susan…

Self-talk and Kindness

Use your self-talk several times a day so that it becomes a habit to give affirmations and good thoughts to yourself. As the affirmations increase, negative self-talk will diminish and eventually disappear completely. Remember that God created you exactly as you are and you can become what He sees in you.



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