“Old Soul” Is This You?

“Old Soul” Is This You?

What does it mean when we describe someone as an Old Soul? Those who describe “old souls” use intuition rather than precision: Spiritual people  many times describe metaphorically, not literally. The belief and the definition don’t necessarily mean you’ve lived past lives, but it’s possible. Instead, it’s about seeing the “big picture.” It’s about understanding the universe and being wise beyond your years.

Old Souls feel things deeply and display strong characteristics of empathy, compassion, and wisdom. They can be a bit moody at times and seem weary as well. Life can seem hard, but old Souls have a calmness, a deep centering capacity to maintain or to sustain themselves that they draw from circumstances are around them.

A discrepancy exists between their actual and spiritual age. In fact, they may have been thought of as “different, even withdrawn” as children. Old Souls like being alone pondering things that regular folk don’t and see things from another’s point on view. This characteristic draws you closer to them. It’s as if they aligned with and are familiar with you though you’ve just met.

Are you one? If so, you can learn more about this at a website I visit, Lonerwolf.com 

I leave you with a couple of Old Soul images from my Pinterest board, Are You an Old Soul?