Susan Langer
Antioch, TN – 8138172361
Authorized to work in the US for any employer

RN Disability Consultant/Case Manager
Aetna Disability of Aetna Inc – Tampa, FL – October 2002 to February 2010

Retired since 2010. RN Consultant/Case Manager with responsibilities: calling, faxing physicians for clinical documentation to certify client/patient inability to perform job duties across US. Document and certify claims via computer system. Communicate via phone with both employee and employer re any needs for documentation. Setup investigations re employee disability up to and including surveillance. Phone skills, computer skills, office machine skills, customer service communication skills, analytical problem solving skills. Worked at home remotely the last two years.

Bachelor’s in Psychology and Nurse Management
Wyndham College – United States external degree program
January 2007 to May 2010
Diploma and Ohio State license as RN in Nursing
Lutheran Medical School of Nursing – Cleveland, OH
September 1969 to June 1972
Diploma in College prep
West Tech High School – Cleveland, OH
September 1966 to May 1969

See job and career descriptions below, please. Experience is wide and varied. (10+ years)


RN license
May 1972 to December 2011
Licenced RN Ohio and Florida until retired 2010

Poet/Writer and
November 2014 to Present
Write poetry on and prose/short stories fiction and nonfiction on some individual poems and short stories have been published but no income from groups that provide recognition as writer and poet.My writing iscopyrighted as Susan Langer and/or pen name, Susans Soul.

Toward the Light (working title)
I a writing my memoir about abusive experiences of childhood that includes narrative, poetry, and prose written while undergoing treatment and counseling in 1984-1990 for the abuse. Hope to have completed and to publisher by spring of 2018.

HTTPS://, Susans Soul  is my own personal blog that I began last year when my blog, Susan’s Thoughts and Musings, was rendered inoperable after hacking event begun four years ago. The content includes The Inner Soul Thoughts, Susans Soul Thoughts, and Poetry and Prose-all from a Christian viewpoint.

BS psychology/Nurse Management via external degree received 2010.

Also currently I am a blogger and writer on my own Blog, website/brand where I am administrator writing 2-3 times weekly, maintain site with assist of Host, Extensive computer skills including design of websites, some coding experience (self-taught), marketing via social media sites as well as paid ads via Facebook, Indeed, Twitter, Pinterest. Networking with other writers and bloggers, content and guest blogging, and experience as affiliate marketer for varied products including and Amazon.